Sunday, October 31, 2010

Orange Fennel Salad

This is a great side to any fish. It is fast and healthy! I posted another fennel salad this past summer. This one is slightly different, but just as good.

1 bulb fresh fennel
1 large orange
2 handfuls of arugula
freshly grated sea salt and black pepper

1. Cut the top part of the fennel fronds off. Rinse. Cut the other end off the fennel and any brown spots. Slice the fennel as thin as possible.
2. Slice the outside skin of the orange off so that just the flesh is showing. Cut in half and then into small pieces. Discard any rough white pulp and/or seeds.
3. Combine fennel, orange, and a few large dashes of salt and pepper (to taste). Mix the salad together gently mushing the orange into the fennel.
4. Once the salad is coated in the orange juice, add the arugula and gently toss and serve immediately.

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