Thursday, April 7, 2011

Limoncello! PART 1

Since Marc and I have been stepping into gourmet territory with ice cream, I figured it was time to experiment with some other vices: liquor! It wasn't because it appeared that there was a shortage of booze in our liquor cabinet...

But rather, we have had some amazing limoncello at Il Passatore in times past. I got a recipe from my friend Matt, whose father who has made it before. This had me sold as I looked at a number of recipes and they all had very different approaches to it. So here it goes, my take on limoncello....

10 organic lemons
750 ml grain alcohol (we used Spiritus Wesoly but you can also use Everclear or another grain alcohol that is 192 proof or 96% alcohol)

1. Zest the 10 lemons.

2. Place in a hermetic jar. Pour grain alcohol on top. Place in a dark place (like a cabinet or closet) for 4-5 days.

 Check back for the finished product!

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