Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOW it has been months since I have posted anything to my site! I have a ton of old posts that were started that I have been meaning to upload. My body has been out of commission like this blog. Recovering from surgery is allowing me some quality time with my couch, computer and most importantly my husband. So here are some old posts...

I made this very flavorful, straightforward dish. It consists of chicken breast, dipped in egg and panko, sauteed until brown and then baked. It is served with orzo (stirred with parmesan and olive oil) and arugula salad (with salt, pepper, lemon, and parmesan). Usually I change recipes to fit my liking but I didn't change this one much. What I did change about this was that I added less capers, used thinly pounded chicken breasts, and left out the olive oil from the salad.

Check out the original recipe here from The Tasteful Life.


  1. Looks good Aunt Briggy. Can you give out samples online? We'll take a bite each! Ellie doesn't like capers.

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Hope you make a speedy recovery. Love panko breadcrumbs, they can transform an average piece of protein