Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The kitchen is getting a bit intensivo...

Our kitchen was a little out of control tonight...

First I made stir fried beef and broccoli which I sadly do not have pictures to share with you! This was from Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge, part of another FABULOUS wedding present from Marc's Aunt Nancy, Uncle Pang, and cousins Isabella and Stephan. I highly recommend this book. Aside from its' amazing recipes, it also teaches about how to care for a wok, and the history of stir frying.

Then I made Heidi Swanson's Oatmeal Crackers.
These were a must as Marc was having a bad day. If there is one thing that makes him happy it is crackers. That boy could live off of eating only crackers.

Then...while it is not done yet I had to blog and take a picture of proof! Marc is currently in the process of making rocky road ice cream with homemade marshmallows! Ironically enough, the chocolate ice cream recipe is Heidi Swanson's husband,  Dave Lebovitz! To top it all off, the ice cream is made without sugar-- it is made using agave nectar!

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